Virtual Wellness Support Group

Tired of all these fad diets, friends “diet” pages, and gross frozen meals? Sick of counting point and the ever changing programs that you just have to keep buying new products for? Do you feel like your entire life is ran by points, calories, or macros? Is all the joy out of eating gone? LET’s STOP THAT HEADACHE!

I have the ultimate virtual support group for you!

Ran by a Registered and Licensed Dietitian! Not just someone who has completed the “diet” program. We will focus on lifestyle changes and utilizing small obtainable goals to get you to your ultimate goal!

What you will receive:


Support Group Page

This page is dedicated for all participants to be able to speak in a safe and supportive environment. Work together to achieve your personal wellness.


Weekly Office Hours

I will hold weekly virtual office hours to answer your nutritional questions and guide the group in their personal wellness.


Monthly Nutrition Education

Monthly virtual nutrition education sessions will be held to educate and coach the group on topics that YOU as a group decide on!